Become A Transportation Provider

Become A Transportation Provider

A Transportation Provider must contractually agree to meet the standards specified in the following documents:

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Embark on your path to becoming a MART Transportation Provider by getting acquainted with our standards and ensuring strict compliance with our requirements. When you feel prepared, proceed to the next stage and create your account to kickstart the online application process. Just click the “APPLY” button located in the ‘Transportation Provider Application‘ section below.

Please be aware that we exclusively accept applications through our online platform, and it’s essential that they are thorough and complete in every aspect. To ensure a smooth application process, we strongly advise visiting the “Additional Resources & FAQs” section before you submit your application or reach out to MART if you have any questions, concerns, or require clarification. This section is a valuable treasure trove of information, addressing frequently asked questions, providing clear guidance on procedures, and shedding light on provider qualification requirements.


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If you encounter any technical difficulties while using our online portal, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance. Email us at, and we’ll promptly respond to help you resolve any issues.

Additional Resources
For the latest MassHealth Vendor Rates Sheet please click below:
The Transportation Provider Application was approved, what’s next?

After you are notified that the application has been approved, the Transportation Provider will be sent a contract to be signed by the Provider and MART. This will then initiate the “Contracting” (pre-work) Phase. Once all pre-inspection trainings, office audit/inspections, and Vendor Portal trainings are completed, then the Transportation Provider will enter the “Contracted” (work assigned) Phase.

MART has composed two more FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages – one for each phase which are linked below. These FAQs also contain links to required forms and some mocked-up examples.